Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ready to Roll

My wireless credit card device arrived today... everything seems to be rolling out smoothly. Yesterday I found a small print rack and a convertible table for my booth. Painting is pretty much complete, everything fits into the car, now I just have to survive the "load-in." The load in for Grant Park Summershade is Friday, which is great because you don't have to be there at the crack of dawn on Saturday to get things set up.

Grant Park Summershade Aug. 30-31
Americus Walk, Booth 218
Visa/Mastercard accepted.

(sorry Paige, can you talk to AmEx about lowering their rates!)

Friday, August 22, 2008

A Fun New Direction

Here's the computer mock-up of my next triptych. I'll probably make several different versions and sell them mix and match. I'm going to get back into the more abstracted designs for a little while before I evolve into a textural version of the same style. I'm in love with these colors at the moment and playing with a more selective palette. Perhaps folks can handle bright colors if the palette doesn't include the entire rainbow.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

City Sunscape 
(acrylic on raw canvas)
14" x 32"

A Small Construction Job

Sammy thinks the tent and walls look cozy and she will be fine taking a nap in the shade it provides. Time and patience allowed us to put everything together properly despite extra parts and incomplete directions. The mesh panels will hold up to 18 pounds on each hook (in kilograms that's... ha, for sure, as if). Each wall will hold as many 18 lb. pieces as their size will allow. Fabric will cover the mesh panels (I am in the process of sewing them now) so the rear door allows for ventilation. The french wall that sticks out beside the door cost a little extra but it looks good and actually creates an area where I can set up a table for sales and a chair, while still having space to hang art on the other side. Let's do this thing!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Arbor Radiance
(acrylic on raw canvas)
38" x 22"

This is one of the larger pieces from the batch of paintings I just finished.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Summer Print

Warm Summer Fields
(linoleum block print)
8" x 6" 

Warm Summer Fields

After much debate and counseling I have finally decided upon the design for the last print in the seasons series. Smack in the middle of summertime it is super hot,  fire orange seemed an appropriate color to represent the heat and drying effect that it has on our environment. Ironically, maybe not coincidentally, I noticed how similar the ink color was to my linoleum cutter and brayer handles. The were purchased for college in the early 90's and clearly made to last. You spring chickens have the garnet ones or the new magentas with the twist off cap (neither made as well as the old school orange ones). I'm glad to have them around and somehow immortalize them in my summer print... only an artist! Notice the entire series on the monitor, I tried a few combinations before deciding upon this particular set of colors.