Monday, January 5, 2009

Slacking at the Holidays

It's been a good vacation in terms of spending time with loved ones, with the exception of my art. After a few disappointing shows in Florida I had to take a little break from the studio. Inspiration comes and goes, but definitely lurks in the corners during periods of inactivity. There aren't many winter festivals close to home and things around Atlanta don't get rolling again until April. I've got plans for some shows in Florida in the early spring, but it is a bit hard to bring myself to paint with as many paintings building up without selling. Sure, I'm an artist, I'm supposed to live to create art, but I am practical and I'm running out of space to store it (need real studio, not guest bedroom/office/studio). 

Ideas aren't scarce, in fact a different direction is where I'm headed. It will be similar in style to the Ideal Destinations series only looser and more abstract. Vivid color and idealized landscapes will still be the dominant characteristics, but I will be adding texture and a thick application of paint (which I love doing and am missing with this current OCD series).

I'll post some examples in the days to come and make myself do them since I'm letting it be known in cyberspace, wouldn't want to let you down, those of you barely listening (thanks).