Monday, April 27, 2009

Amah's Shoreline

Jersey Shore, Mildred Landers (oil on canvas)

Amah's Shoreline (acrylic on wood) 16" x 20"

This is a reproduction of a painting that my grandmother did in the 60's. It is currently hanging above my television and after seeing it every day for months on end I realized I wanted to create an hommage to her and this particular composition is one of the most compelling and in line with my Ideal Destinations series. Mildred Landers' style was impressionistic and painting with her as a small child inspired my career in the arts.

Painting on Wood

Undisturbed (acrylic on wood) 22" x 22"

I've been accumulating frames from a number of sources and then cutting wood to fit them. Instead of my typical unprimed canvas substrate, the wood is yeilding a similar natural, matte finish, but with a lot less consumption of paint. The wood doesn't soak up as much of the paint and the smoother surface makes it a little easier to create the rediculously OCD hard edge lines so characteristic of this series.