Thursday, July 31, 2008

Now Onto the Prints

Getting consumed with one show can easily create a backlog of work. For the last year I have been participating in print exchanges with Four Ocean Press in Oakland, CA. You send in 26 prints and receive a print in return from each artist in the exchange. So far, autumn, winter, and spring are complete... summer was due right smack in the middle of preparations for my current solo show. Here's the first three in the series... Autumn Rays, Early Morning Powder and Spring Arriving. Each are hand-pulled linoleum prints (8"x6"). I'll upload some of the progress on the final piece: SUMMER! Check out the link on my page to their website, where they keep an archive of all the exchanges and have added photography to the fun. "I'm Stuffed" was my entry into the Food Exchange... it is part of an ongoing series "It's A Grind" (an homage to the bitter housewives of the world). There are more samples from that series on my homepage (also linked below).

Finished for the Moment

Top: Woodland Mountains (26"x48") acrylic on raw canvas
Bottom: Autumn Sunset (14"x32") acrylic on raw canvas
Mental stimulation that follows completing a project sometimes gets clouded with the exhaustion surrounding the deadlines and shrinking pockets of time to work. With new pieces ( hanging at Grace Gallery in Marietta's Mt. Bethel Methodist Church (congregation 8500) the process of regrouping begins immediately. Relaxing for a day after frantic last minute preparations suddenly gives focus to my taxed brain.  A stream of new ideas, concepts and projects inundates my thoughts. Ready to start a new cycle of "paint or insanity" I find strength and confidence in success which has been sprinkled with devotion to a risky field of work.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Here are the miniatures with a few more colors added. They are farther even farther along, but I'm running out of time before the Grace Gallery show... so not a lot of random photographing. I have completed a couple of other paintings as well, they are larger and in earthtones as opposed to the bright tropical colors. Don't get me wrong... the earthtones are bright too, I'll get one posted soon.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Getting Ready

I've been busy planning and painting for my show coming up this summer. I am working on about 15 new pieces that will be shown at Grace Gallery in Marietta. The pieces in the foreground of this picture are individual pieces all similar to the painting on the computer screen.