Monday, April 27, 2009

Painting on Wood

Undisturbed (acrylic on wood) 22" x 22"

I've been accumulating frames from a number of sources and then cutting wood to fit them. Instead of my typical unprimed canvas substrate, the wood is yeilding a similar natural, matte finish, but with a lot less consumption of paint. The wood doesn't soak up as much of the paint and the smoother surface makes it a little easier to create the rediculously OCD hard edge lines so characteristic of this series.


Scattered said...

i really like it, it's so upbeat and different. I can't believe it's on wood, is that difficult to paint on?
-kaela b

Kimberly Landers said...

not really. it's actually a bit easier than the unprimed canvas I was painting on. the wood doesn't soak up the paint so much and it's a wee bit easier to make a straight, crisp edge.