Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Roswell Report

After a dismal Saturday at the festival, Sunday began with a bang. The initial bang was followed by several more purchases of large pieces of art. Panic set in almost immediately (a good panic) as I realize that perhaps I've been producing too many small pieces for people who can't afford larger work. It will be necessary this week to create a few more large pieces (before the next festival this weekend) since I am realizing that a good number of people who are looking for art at a festival are interested in a large piece to fill in specific space. 

I've got a few planned already, some even stretched, but I will be frantically painting the rest of the week.

I'm working on a few Atlanta skyline pieces and another tree scene. Every piece that has been predominantly trees has sold right away. Other people must be as fond of trees as I am- trees are good, m'kay?

1 comment:

Carla Kaiser said...

Hooray! Glad you are selling. A few of my artist friends are a little disappointed with sales figures lately...