Sunday, September 27, 2009

The New Style

Here is a finished version of a piece in my experimental new style. I was feeling quite confined by the technical aspects of the meticulous hard edge pieces and wanted a looser option. In the classes I've been teaching recently at SCAD my students were pushed to play with texture, so naturally it spilled over into my work. I finished this last spring, but haven't really worked on any paintings all summer. Summer is sort of a down time for festivals and with two new jobs, my brother's wedding and learning metalsmithing over the summer, painting sort of took a backseat to life management.

Autumn Fields, 2009 (acrylic on wood) 16" x 20"

Yesterday however, I finally busted out the mini-frames and canvases and got the drawings completed for the next batch of paintings. I got the modeling paste on them as well (although not photographed). The modeling paste is a thick opaque spackle like substance that can be used to create texture and height where acrylic paint cannot. The paste is put down first, allowed to dry and then I paint with acrylic over it, both with watery washes, and thick applications with the palette knife. It is difficult to see the pencil lines in the little frames (if you click to enlarge you can see them better), but I will upload another photo soon of the modeling paste phase that will be easier to see the composition (along with the layer of added texture).

Not sure what to do about the fact that my beloved House of 10,000 Picture Frames has finally closed. After 35+ years in the business, the owner's were ready to retire and could not find a buyer interested in keeping the business alive. In addition to being right around the corner from my house, they were super friendly and willing to let me scrounge through the back room for scrap frame. This warehouse was full of every piece of frame that had ever been cut down, scraps saved no matter the size, and they would put together great frames for very little cost (after I dug them out of the heap). House of 10,000 Picture Frames... you will be missed.


Kathy said...

I like the new look and yes, working with hard edge is meticulous...this seems freerer and more expressive for you :) I like it a lot. Good luck at the show.

Cathriona Cleary said...

Really love that new style, the colours are excellent...kepp it up is going in a great direction!!